Album of the Month

Album of the Month  is a game invented by the Audible Discernment guys to share their current musical interests and to hike a leg up on those soul-less algorithm-breathing robots of the future.


    1. Download Spotify (Premium).
      We know, we know. As much as we would love to mail records back and forth to one another, it’s just not practical (or cheap) — and the United States Postal Service would write us nasty letters.
    2. Find friends (we recommend two) that have a good taste in music.
      It doesn’t have to be a similar taste… but it has to be a good one. If you don’t understand this concept then this game is not for you.
    3. Make a collaborative playlist.
      You can call it “Album of The Month” or “AOTM” or “We Have No Lives and Too Many Kids to Discover Music On Our Own So This Is That Game I Found On The Internet.”
    4. Each player will submit one album at the beginning of every month to the playlist.
    5. At the end of the month, all players will vote via text to a neutral party.
      This can be someone’s very patient and giving spouse, the friend that likes Nickelback and isn’t allowed to play, or your supportive mother.
    6. You cannot vote for your own album.
      Don’t be that guy anyway.


Winner = 3 points
Your album received a vote, but didn’t win = 2 points
No one voted for your album = -1 point (sorry dude)


Along with the monthly submissions, one person in rotating order will submit a “Could’ve Been A Classic” album.  Winner of this will be voted for at the end of each quarter (3 months),and will get 5 points instead of the regular 3.

Here’s our current list: