What is Audible Discernment?

Audible Discernment is a musically-driven podcast created by three guys in the deep South. Originally born out of a game meant to encourage music sharing, their friendship has blossomed into weekly meetings in front of three microphones and the occasional six-pack.


  • Do you guys work in the “music industry”?

Absolutely not. We all have relatively mundane and normal day jobs.

  • Do you play music on the podcast?

Unfortunately, no. Since none of us work in the “industry”, we lack the funds to pay royalties for the amount of songs and artists we mention in an episode. Also, we’re too lazy to read the law concerning copyright and creative commons — (actually Robbie read it (we think) so we now have song clips!) — We also provide a Spotify playlist under each episode for your listening pleasure. It’s more fun this way!

  • Are Robbie’s family stories actually true?

We hope so.

  • How old is Trey?

You will never know.

  • How much money does Jason spend on Amazon a month?

He doesn’t want to talk about it.

  • Can I contribute to the show?

Absolutely. You can email us any questions or cool album submissions you think we should talk about. You can also send us money so we can fund guest interviews, live music performances, and Robbie’s kids’ college tuition. Just shoot us an email and we’ll work out the details.


Oh, and share us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Friendster, Myspace, and all that jazz.


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